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Product Name:TC-60KII Thermal Profiler
Prouduct Details:
·Model:TC-60K II Smart
·Size:6 CH
Main Technical Specifications:
1、Thermocouple:   K-type thermocouple
2、Sampling interval:0.05sec---600sec Set with software
3、Record data:120000 point/channel, Can record 256 sets profile
4、Resolution: 0.1℃
5、Temperature measuring range: -100—500℃ / 0--1200℃
6、Temperature measuring accuracy: ±1.0℃
7、Total power: ≤100mW
8、Operating voltage:3.6VDC, rechargeable battery 
9、Dimensions: 208(L)×75(W)×19(H)mm
10、Insulation box Dimensions:252(L)×88(W)×30(H)mm
11、Start  Mode : Manual, specified time or specified temperature
12、Record mode: Monitor/Record
13、Connection mode:RS232/USB
14、Software version: e-DataPro 2.0
Standard Composition:
1. Thermal profiler    2. Insulation box  
3. Temperature test line   4. Data download line                  
5. Charger     6. Hi-temp adhesive tape
7. Software CD   8. “+” screwdriver   9. Tweezers
10. Insulated gloves   11. Hi-temp tine wire                
12. Scissors       13. Instrument box                 
14. User Manual   15. Acceptance Certificate

Software Setup and data analysis:
Product information setup
Machine parameter setup
Solder information setup
Peak Temp,Times of overtop the Temp
Times of between Temp(Reflow)
Slope of between Temp(Reflow)
Slope of between Times(Wave)
Horizontal line and Vertical line setting
Ramp Slope、Ramp Peak Temp ,Wave Peak Temp


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